How To Choose a Mattress: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Mattress in 6 Easy Steps

Ugh, feeling totally beat when your alarm goes off? Yes, been there. It’s the worst! Your poor body is probably begging for a new mattress. Buying one seems confusing with so many choices out there. But finding your perfect sleep match doesn’t have to be a nightmare!

Here’s what we’ll do: walk through this step-by-step together. First, we’ll figure out how you like to sleep—on your side. Back? Stomach? Then, decide on mattress size and material. Research and compare brands. Test some out in person so you can see what feels best. Peep those reviews, but remember that what matters most is how your body feels.

Make your pick and get pumped for the best sleep ever! A mattress that’s just right for your body will have you snoozing happily in no time. Let’s figure out how to choose a mattress or your sleep soulmate and say bye-bye to restless nights! We got this!

Step 1: Determine Your Preferred Sleeping Position

Back sleepers need a medium-firm or firm mattress. This helps in properly supporting the spine’s alignment and preventing sagging. The firm cushioning keeps the back, shoulders, and hips supported throughout the night.

Side sleepers require a softer mattress that relieves pressure on the shoulders and hips. These joints bear more weight during side sleeping. The gentle cushioning still supports spinal alignment while reducing pressure points.

Stomach sleepers need extra firmness to prevent the midsection from sinking into the mattress, which can strain the spine. With body weight focused on the stomach, a firm mattress keeps the hips elevated and the spine properly aligned. 

If unsure of your preferred position, note which posture you wake up in or test different pillows in various positions until finding the most comfortable alignment. Let your natural sleeping style guide you toward a mattress with suitable firmness and support.

Step 2: Consider Your Body Type and Weight

There’s no one perfect mattress for everyone – everyone is different! What works for you depends on your body type and sleep style.

Let’s break it down. If you’re over 200 pounds, you’ll probably want something firmer. Heavier peeps need more support so you don’t sink too much into the mattress. After all, you got to keep your spine happy!

But if you’re more petite, a super firm mattress might feel like sleeping on a rock! You can get away with something softer that cushions your shoulders and hips.

The goal is to find that sweet spot between cosy and supportive. Don’t stress about some universal top most comfortable mattress. Find the one that feels just right for your body and sleeping needs. We want you comfy and your back aligned. A mattress that caters to you specifically will have you sleeping like a baby in no time.

Step 3: Decide on Mattress Size and Type

Choosing the right size and type of mattress is crucial in ensuring a good night’s rest:

Mattress Size:

While buying the best mattress for your body, one has to take care of the proper sizing. The trendiest sizes are twin, double, queen, and king. When space is limited, and you are likely to sleep the majority of the time by yourself, a twin mattress becomes an ideal solution. Full-size mattresses are appropriate for young adults or couples who have the affection to sleep together but do not have enough room to move into a twin bed. Queen mattresses are designed for people who need more space but whose homes can’t fit an entire king bed. King-size mattresses are the right choice for couples who are looking for more indoor space.

Mattress Type:

There are four main mattress material types: 

1) Innerspring Mattresses: These traditional mattresses have a metal coil system as support systems covered with layers of padding on top. They give you great edge support and breathability, but they may collapse over time.

2) Memory Foam Mattresses: Combined with viscoelastic materials developed by NASA in the ’60s for comfort in lift-off for astronauts, these mattresses mould themselves to your body-like shape while reducing pressure. On the one hand, they may feel warm while sleeping due to the poor qualities of heat release.

3) Latex Mattresses: The bed tested by Consumer Reports is either a natural or synthetic rubber one, normally used as a combination of support and spring structure. As a matter of fact, these beds possess excellent durability as well as cooling properties. Latex beds are just for people who like a surface that is responsive but on the cool side at night.

4) Hybrid Mattresses: This couples the best of both worlds by putting the coils of a foam/latex bed to work. It means that a finely blended mixture of support, pressure relief, and bounce was produced. Hybrid mattresses are typically the perfect option for those who want support and comfort from various materials on their sleep surfaces.

Step 4: Check for Comfort and Support Levels

As far as comfort is concerned, every person has their own pronounces. For some, it is the soft and fluffy sensation that they want, while there are those that opt for a firm surface. Nod do to that making it essential to try out different mattresses and pick the most comfortable one for you personally.

A way to make sure that you can relax comfortably is to lay on the mattress and sleep in the way you normally do. Spending about 10 minutes on any mattress should be done while moving in slightly different positions. Pay attention to how your body feels and if there are any pressure points that cause discomfort in certain parts of the body.

The material of the mattress is also essential to think about while getting comfortable. Soap or lava moulded mattresses have a sensation of sinking, which is often regarded as comforting but sometimes makes people feel too hot during their sleep. While on the one hand, the innerspring mattresses have more bounce and breathability, on the other hand, they might not have enough cushioning for those who suffer from joint pain.

Step 5: Research Brands and Read Reviews

While there is nothing absolute in terms of comfort, everyone has their own opinion. Some may say that they like soft and plush, while others will say that they like the harder surface. That is the reason why it matters to try out various types of mattresses and determine which one is the comfiest for you.

The measure of comfort could be checked out when you lie down on the bed in your comfortable sleep position. Spend at least ten minutes on each mattress, changing positions and moving around to get a better understanding. Pay attention to the way your body is feeling and any possible locations of pressure points or pain.

In this process of contemplation, also take into account the material of a mattress. Memory foam mattresses have a sinking feeling that can either be soothing or too hot, which some people experience throughout their sleep. While the former type of mattress provides more bounce and breathability, the latter does not have enough padding for those who have joint pain.

Step 6: Set a Budget and Look for Deals

A mattress is an investment in your sleep and, by extension, your health. Thus, it is very important to have a budget that will enable the purchase of the best quality mattress brands like Sleepwell and Kurl-on to provide comfort in the long run. A budget will also aid in minimizing options and overspending.

A budget should be set with the understanding that a more expensive mattress does not always mean better quality. One must do research and check reviews of various brands and models also within the price that you are willing to pay. This will provide you with an indication of where you should invest your money.

Compare prices at multiple stores or even online retailers to find deals on mattresses. Remember to prioritize quality and comfort over a flashy brand or expensive price tag – after all, a good night’s sleep is priceless.


Wrapping up your search for the ideal mattress, this guide provides you with the necessary details, making the choice process a mere six easy steps. Consider the journey, comfort, and support needs, and the importance of sleep in health. The right mattress is a life-changing investment that sustains your health day and night. Make your choice with assurance and wait for the positive influence of refreshing sleep on your normal activities.

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