Ideas for Textured Walls

Isn’t it everyone’s desire to land their dream apartment after putting through years of struggle and sweating off bank balance? We all want a house to share memories in, to call our very own, to hang that big brown nameplate and proudly take a picture in front of it.  

It is not the vacant, lifeless apartment that could comfort you after a hard day but your loved ones and a well-decorated home that complements your personality. Are you intimidated to choose whom to trust your well-earned blank canvas with? 

We at Hippo Homes prioritize your satisfaction beyond anything, be it interior paint, furniture, or electrical material; it is a one-stop destination for all construction materials.

Home Interior Painting Ideas to Make Your House Your Home

The journey from apartment to “ghar” is not easy, as your life and the emotional moments you share with people in your surroundings influence it. But Hippo Homes can help you in this journey! If you don’t like the idea of interior designers sketching out blueprints, complex color schemes, and multipurpose furniture for you and want to take control of your life, then entrusting us can be a good choice.

With us, you can creatively pop up your mundane walls using designer interior paint with textured paint, wallpapers, tiles, wood, bricks, stones, etc, in your terms and ideas.

  • Add a dash of dimension to your walls with textured paint.

Coloring your walls in a single shade can appear monotonous. Textured paint can come to your rescue, as it adds vividness of personality to your walls. Moreover, it can mask wear and tear, an “heirloom of distress” passed down by former inhabitants. Textured interior walls also help strengthen the house’s longevity, allowing you to swirl and twirl around with different strokes like Comb, knockdown, popcorn, etc. We can already see you singing “can’t keep my hands to myself” while feeling the delicate textures of your newly renovated walls! 

  • “Tile up” might be the new “jazz up.” 

Who said that tiles are just for the bathroom or kitchen? Even if someone does, you can still break the rules and think outside the box. We offer a great collection of tiles in all styles; jazz your wall up with the geometric style of hexagons and diamonds, play with the material of the tile to find “your wall” among the walls of your house and explore the colors that bring depth and dimension to your rule. Besides the stylistic factor, tiles are also great as designer interior paint because they are stain-resistant and will look intact for a long time. 

  • Use wooden walls to set your class apart.

Instead of using primary interior paint, you can add a touch of wood to give your walls a sense of “oaky” sophistication and refinement. And when complemented by wooden flooring, they will instantly elevate your home’s decor. 

Cut the primitiveness of bricks and bring the aesthetics back.

History textbooks might have taught you about humankind living in wooden caves and then evolving to make brick homes. The times might have changed, but our love for the aesthetics of bricks and stones hasn’t. This designer interior paint idea uses bricks and stones in laminated ceramics and other materials to add to your wall. Using bricks as textured interior walls will add a dash of drama and aura to your house that guests won’t keep their eyes off. 

  • Play around with the versatility of customizable wallpapers.

Using a wall painted grey, blue, or black might remind you of your grandfather’s house; you belong to the new age that believes in the ease and fun of doing things, don’t you?

Well, then wallpapers might be the “new fit” for you. So stop changing the wallpaper display on your phone and check the wide range of wallpapers from different designs and genres to set up a theme according to your personality. You can go wild with patterns. Do you love a movie? Drop it on the wall. Are you obsessed with the stripes of your shirt? Stripe up your wall. Make it floral, vintage, archaic, modern, chic, over the top, simple, the call is yours. It is very customizable because of the immense variety available in the market.

Crafting Memories: Making Your House a Home with Hippo Homes

OK, so you have just emptied the surplus of your bank balance to buy a new house. On set to make memories, you are having a hard time imagining yourself pinning down your wedding photo frame to your white blank wall. 

You don’t want to spend a lot on interior designers, but it is still difficult for you to compromise and accept that you’d have to hang the medals and trophies of your son and watch your favorite Netflix show on the 52-inch TV, as desired in that boring wall of your new home. 

Hippo Homes might be the destination for your endless journeys; we take customer satisfaction seriously. Here, you can unpack your creative capabilities with our interior paint and more to make your house your “home sweet home.”

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