What Is Big Data and How It Can Help in Digital Marketing

If you are in digital marketing you should know what big data is, how it can benefit your company, and the use that digital marketing agencies are giving to this powerful tool.

The dataification revolution has already begun and many companies are still unaware of the great benefits it offers. Some companies even have thousands of customer data and still don’t know what to do with it.

So, regardless of whether you have a small, medium, or large company, big data will help you achieve your goals faster and more effectively.

What is the big data?

BIG DATA refers to gigantic volumes of data that are generated every second on the Internet (social networks, transactions, GPS, etc.). 

How big is BIG DATA? Did you know that around 2.5 quintillion bytes of information are generated every day, which is increasing thanks to smartphones. These have made it possible to collect information from sensors, smart devices, and even from each click that users make on their computers.

But what can we do with this information and how can we process it to turn it into valuable reports that help us make better decisions? You need a powerful and easily accessible program for the entire work team.

What is BIG DATA Analytics about?

BIG DATA Analytics is a combination of high-tech systems that analyzes all information and gives it valuable meaning for companies.

With the help of this system, information can be captured, stored, classified, manipulated, interpreted, and analyzed to extract behavior patterns.

In this way, you will better understand users and find opportunities that could not be detected before, thus being able to offer a better service or product.

Types of big data analytics

  • Descriptive: Explains what happens in real-time.
  • Diagnosis: Describe why something is happening.
  • Predictive: Anticipates a probable result.
  • Prescriptive: Specifies how to make something happen. For example, it advises you on the best place on your website to place your banner.

The importance of BIG DATA for digital marketing

In BIG DATA, the information is stored in different formats, which come from the interaction of users with their equipment. Therefore, if an adequate and timely interpretation of the data is made, you will know the behavior of the users at very high levels.

Thus, big data becomes an essential tool for SEO, social media marketing, electronic commerce, web analytics, digital auditing, and even for content marketing.

Thanks to this technology you can create personalized strategies adapted to the specific needs of users.

Some top benefits of Big Data:

  • Help in customer segmentation. It allows you to periodically see how clients evolve, thus focusing on more successful strategies.
  • Capture sales opportunities. For example, you will know what products a customer has bought and you will be able to recommend other complementary ones.
  • It helps to make decisions in real-time since you will see how a product is selling and make decisions based on results.
  • Avoid the loss of customers with the analysis of patterns in their behavior.
  • Better monitoring of market trends. You will know what kind of feelings users have about your brand and how they move in the market.
  • Efficiently manage public relations (PR) campaigns in real-time.
  • Satisfy your customers at the right time, being able to increase loyalty and attract new customers.
  • Optimize costs, times, and resources.

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